Side By Side


They lie on the Table side by side; The Holy Bible and the TV guide.

One is well worn and cherished with pride; No not the Bible, but the TV guide.

As the pages are turned, what shall they see; Oh, What does it matter turn on the TV.

So they open the book in which they confide; No not the Bible the TV guide. 

The word of God is seldom read; Maybe a verse before they fall into bed.

Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be; Not from reading the Bible, from watching T.V. 

So then back to the table side by side; Lie the Holy Bible and the T.V. guide.

No time for prayer, no time for the word; The plan of salvation is seldom heard.

But forgiveness of sin, so full and free; Is found in the Bible, not on the T.V.

How to Turn Distraction into Action

     An engineer was crossing a road one day, when a frog called out to him and said, "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a beautiful princess." He bent over, picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. The frog spoke up again and said, "If you kiss me and turn back into a beautiful princess, I will stay with you for one week." The engineer took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it and returned it to his pocket.

     The frog then cried out, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I'll stay with you for one week and do anything you want." Again, the engineer took the frog out, smiled at it and put it back into his pocket.

     Finally, the frog asked, "What is the matter? I've told you I'm a beautiful princess, that I'll stay with you for one week and that I'll do anything you want. Why don't you kiss me?" The engineer said, "Look, I'm an engineer. I don't have time to have a girlfriend, but a talking frog, now that's cool."

     I like that engineer's focus. What might be a trap to most was not a trap to him. Even in the face of a temptation and distraction, he wouldn't be deterred from his cause. Temptations, enticements and distractions do that. They can put us on detours of trying to get back on the main road that may last a life time.

     Did you know that right after Jesus' mission to seek and save the lost began, he ran into one of those frogs claiming to be a beautiful princess? He was led into the wilderness and was tempted for 40 days and nights by the original enticer and distracter. In fact, the Bible says during that time he was "tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin."

     Why didn't He fall for the temptations and distractions?  His life wasn't just because. His life was because. He had a 'be' cause! What was His cause?

     First of all, He came from heaven to earth "in order to take away sins." (1Jn 3:5) You see, God doesn't allow sin in heaven. Why?  Well, if we had sin in heaven then there would be disease, hospitals, mental wards, poverty, robbers, greed, no integrity and the like. Sin causes that kind of stuff.

     His second mission was "that He might destroy the works of the evil one." (1Jn. 3:8) Now I know that there is a popular belief that there is no such thing as evil. It's also true that sometimes people blame the devil for all of their shortcomings and missteps. But don't be tempted into believing that the cause of evil does not exist. Evil is the fruit, but Jesus came to get to the root.

     Finally, Jesus appeared for the sake of you! (1 Peter 1:20) He appeared that sin might not give the evil one dominion over you. Don't let the distraction of popular logic ruin good theology. He rescued you. He knows your name. He has a place for you in heaven no matter what you have done.

     That's what last week's Easter Sunday was all about. A Savior who wouldn't be distracted because He had a cause!
Ed Delph  

Ed Delph/NATIONStrategy
"People Who Empower People To Transform Communities'

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